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The Princes of the Apocalypse are back and this time they have taken over Chicago. Two teams have been formed to battle it out for the fate of humanity. Each team has a secret weapon and each team is made up of nearly-clad people who have been turned into walking meat. You have got vampires, zombies, werewolves, and the bad-destination that can only be described as…Vampire Slayers. Book one of the latest princes of the applies takes place in the front lines of combat as a young, inexperienced lieutenant is thrown into action right away against the most dangerous foe he’ll ever face. The vampires want answers and they want them now, before the city is destroyed.

With a stunning attack on the opera house, the Prince of the Apocies arrives on the scene and engages in a fantastic hand-to-hand struggle with the enemy and his nemesis. I cannot say enough about how awesome this book is, but I will. I just had to write a review for this book, because it is just so fantastic. It is written in first person and all you really see is the reader’s point of view and that’s a very fitting way to tell a story.

If you have never read a book like this before, you should. It is so intense, so deep, and just plain entertaining. Reading this book made me feel like a part of the book and not just an observer. No one should read this book without having read at least one of Graham Greene’s other great novels. This book truly deserves to be in the top ten books in 2021.

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