The Best Films of 2021

The future of cinema is bright and it looks as if The Ten Best Films of 2021 will be filled with spectacular movie events. Already the talk is that the upcoming movie starring Will Smith as black American National Mark Wahlberg in the movie Black Rain is going to be one of the year’s most talked about films. The buzz is all due to the super power of the character of Wahlberg, who played the son of a prominent New York mafia boss in the last movie of 2021’s Fast and Furious franchise. The character of Wahlberg was also the main bad guy in the movie until he teamed up with a Chinese agent named Fenster in the new film.

Other films expected to perform well in the next decade include The Shape of Water 2. Both of these movies have the best casts attached to them and I think people are going to be pleasantly surprised by their performance. The former is a sci-fi adventure film based on an ancient myth about an unknown underwater creature that attacked King Arthur’s round table. The Shape of Water is an absolutely fantastic aquatic thriller that could end up being among the best films of the year. The film simply oozes style and beauty, a mixture of dreamlike beauty and awe-inspiring sea adventures.

Both of these movies open up the year with highly anticipated films such as Spiderman 4, Transformers 4, The Fantastic Four, X-Men 4 and Harry Potter 7. These films will certainly have viewers glued to their seats to see what new installments there will be. Spiderman 4 will certainly be the most talked about movie coming out this summer and Transformers 4 will be following right behind. It is expected that Transformers 4 will receive the Best Picture award at the Oscars this year. In terms of new franchises, I can only see Warcraft and The Jungle Book receiving Oscar nominations.

Disney has a few movies in the pipeline as well including The Jungle Book and the untitled Cars 3. Disney also has the Fantastic Mr. Fox, which stars Craig Roberts. The latter movie is a cute, funny and lighthearted film about a talking cat who tries to save the world. The film is directed by Cats Don’t Dance’s Nicholas Cage and The Shallows’s Wes Anderson.

No list of the ten best films of 2021 would be complete without including one of the most buzzed about films of the decade, Spider-Man 4. The next installment in the Spider-Man franchise will no doubt be a success. Though no specific plot has been revealed, many theories have been created surrounding the events of the film. Spidey will once again find himself back in high school, where he’ll be torn between joining the Peace Center in New York or continuing his solo adventure. Tom Holland is set to reprise his role as Spidey, while Sony Pictures will produce, finance and produce the film.

Another one of the best films of the year, The Shape of Water promises to be a fascinating look at the aftermath of an environmental disaster. starring Oscar Isaac, The Shape of Water brings back the original, memorable character, while adding a couple of fresh new faces. The late Michael Crichton wrote the original novel on which the movie is based, and the movie has been receiving rave reviews ever since it was released last summer. No release date for The Shape of Water has been confirmed yet. However, those looking for a popcorn fix or who are simply out of luck for the movie premiere date, may wish to consider holding your breath until it’s given the okay to hit the theaters.

One movie that just made a huge splash at the box office last summer was Kong. The Wachowski brothers created a sci-fi classic with the release of this movie, which stars Russell Crowe as the director, Tom Hanks as the star and Anne Hathaway as the heroine. The movie took the world by storm, earning more than $1 billion worldwide. Whether you loved Kong or not, you’re sure to find at least one movie amongst the list of the top ten best films of 2021 that you’ll want to see.

Finally, if you love superhero movies, you’ll want to start making plans to attend the premiere of Spiderman 4. The reboot of this popular series has been receiving rave reviews from both critics and audiences. The movie isn’t expected to compare to the huge hits of the last few years, but it could end up being the most successful of the new slate of Spiderman movies. As it stands right now, we expect a full-length feature directed by David Fincher. With the new Batman and Superman films on the way, there’s no doubt we’ll be able to enjoy some of the best comic book superhero movies for a long time to come.

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