Bill & Ted Face the Music – A Reasonable Sequel to the Platformer

Bill & Ted Face the Music is a cult comedy classic that’s as cute (and in some ways loony) as it is fun. The film follows the mischievous misfits of Ted (Reeves) and Bill (Clerks), who in their quest to solve the mystery of the century, must cross paths with the ancient “Mimeses” who have been summoned to this place by the Emperor of Rock and Roll to prevent World War III. The movie isn’t just a throw-your-monitor-off-the-roof funny movie; it’s also a subtle examination of our national psyche. The endless plodding, desperate cries for freedom, coupled with the absolute hopelessness of our youth, are deeply felt here.

When the Mimeses were summoned, they were told that they would be erased from time, and Bill and Ted were told that they will live “life after death.” In other words, they were told that they will go to heaven, but only if they want to. Thus, Ted and Bill decided to go to Spring Break in order to get “a taste of freedom,” only to find that everything they’ve ever wanted in their lives has been stolen by a group of evil college students who want to control the Spring Break world in their own way. With help from a female angel, the three boys must battle both the earthly and supernatural forces to protect the Spring Break girls and foil the nefarious plans of their evil professor. Along the way, the film captures the spirit of childhood while bringing in a few classic Hollywood touches (including the unforgettable “Chicks Who All Falls Down” scene) to complete the picture.

If you haven’t seen the movie Bill & Ted Face the Music, I highly recommend it. It’s a fun and light-hearted comedy about two aging, wise middle-aged men who travel back in time in order to make a hit on the teenage set. The movie had a lot of hype surrounding it at the beginning but didn’t quite live up to expectations. However, I would definitely recommend the movie to anyone who hasn’t seen it or to any middle-aged men who are looking for a good old fashion silliness with a little edge to it.

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