Fast and Furious Presents – Hobbs and Shaw

In Fast and Furious: Tokyo Battle, Tom Cruise plays a young stuntman who gets fired from an important job for some reason. Instead of getting a normal promotion, he is demoted to the odd job of delivering cars in a local supermarket. There he has to prove himself again, this time in a high-stakes race against broad arms dealer (Kurt Russell) and the movie’s bad guy, B.J. They’ll soon find they have more in common than they first believed as B.J. gets shot by bounty hunters after mistakenly killing his own man…

One of the most hilarious sequences in the film occurs when B.J. And Tom Cruise’s character races through a giant egg that is meant to explode, destroying anything within its path and injuring several shop clerks. The egg then injures Tom Cruise’s character so badly that he ends up in a coma and has to be put on life support. Tom Cruise does a wonderful job of playing the desperate, injured actor, unable to stop thinking about his beloved wife. B.J.

One of the best scenes occurs when B.J. attempts to rescue his friend played by Vince Vaughn, played by Steve Austin. After B.J. injures Vince, he endures a painful, but unforgettable, shoot out with a hit man (John Tutturro). The movie ends with both of them in recovery, with Tom Cruise’s character saying good-bye to his partner, only for a cut-out to break into a liquor store, steal some champagne, and drive off in the backseat of a car carrying a bunch of gold. That makes me wish that Fast and Furious had more originality to it.

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