Heath Ledger As The Joker – The Facts and The Fiction

When Heath Ledger’s Joker makes his first appearance on the big screen, it is with a devastating impact that no one can ignore. No doubt about it – Ledger’s Joker is an unforgettable presence. The intense dark menace of Ledger’s Joker has taken modern cinema by storm. With each film bringing a new look at the dark knight’s signature look of mischievousness, insanity and despair, Ledger has truly become the face of modern dark knight. The Dark Knight is without a doubt the Joker’s greatest triumph to date.

Never alone in a crowd, aspiring stand-up comedian Arthur Fleck tries to establish a connection when he walks the halls of Gotham City. In this film, he finally achieves it when he swaps his false smile for the grimacing, sad mask of the Joker. Awed by the Joker’s visage, Fleck finally becomes a silent guardian of the weak and unfortunate as he stands up to the Joker and his henchmen. Trapped between the cracks of reality, the hapless victim of the Joker’s attacks eventually comes to terms with his destiny and vows never to let the Joker win. However, isolated and unprotected, he allows the Joker to pull the trigger…

Heath Ledger’s Joker was given life by the imagination of moviegoers worldwide. Ledger’s Joker simply epitomizes the ultimate villains: those with great power and nothing to lose. Whether Ledger is acting as The Joker or any of his previous incarnations, the Joker remains as much a part of our popular culture as any of his predecessors… and while there will always be a certain amount of debate over whether or not Ledger is actually The Joker, the man himself is beyond doubt, at this point, a much-feared and iconic figure in the Batman films and beyond.

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