Jumani: The Next Level (Review)

JUMANJI – THE NEXT LEVEL is the latest release from DreamWorks Animation. In this film, starring Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan, Marin Hinkle, the fun comes in when the boys get back together. When Spencer returns home to the fantastical dream world of Jumanji, old friends Martha, Fridge, Bethany and Brand go back in to bring him back. But now the game has been broken – and the only people who know about Jumanji are those who have seen it all before. Everything that the youngsters know about Jumanji is now about to change drastically, as they quickly find out that there are much more peril and threat to overcome than ever before…

Jumanji – The Next Level follows the mischievous misadventures of five charming young men (atars of the five traditional Jumanji characters) as they escape from the clutches of an evil queen. As the brothers prepare to invade their new home, they discover that their once peaceful society has become a nightmare. Their new friend, Martha, who is possessed of magic, is the one who starts everything off, while her husband hangs back… as does a caveman like Travis. The foursome manage to pull through, but in doing so they encounter the previously unseen demon lord Shaitan and the ultimate guardian of Jumanji: Bambi. The demon forces the children to fight in order to defend themselves, and the movie explores how the parents can help their children by providing them with the strength they need to defeat the monsters, or at least, scare them away.

Dreamworks Animation did a great job of creating an entertaining film that I think any Jumanji fan would enjoy. Jumani is the perfect film to release right before Halloween, because it will allow the fans of the original Jumanji film to experience what happens when the Jumanji – the Next Level team meets their final opponent. The Jumani franchise has proven that it is important to provide a quality film to make people interested in the characters and stories of the original Jumani franchise; it also did a fantastic job of making the new Jumani movie a great watch for any Jumani fan. The film was not perfect, but it was definitely a good watch and I look forward to seeing more from Dreamworks Animation. Jumani is definitely something that I am very happy to have, and I look forward to more from them.

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