Spider-Man – Far From Home (Movie Review)

The highly anticipated Spider-Man reboot movie SPIDER-MAN – FAR FROM HOME is scheduled to begin filming in April of 2021. The story centers on a new spider-man known as Peter Parker, who after relocating from New York City, finds himself in high school. Peter Parker also struggles with learning how to balance his work life with being a good father and son. Principal photography for the movie has already begun in New York and New Zealand. Although no official plot is yet revealed, one can look forward to plenty of behind the scenes action as well as a slew of new talents signing on to star in the film. Here’s a look at some of the latest buzz about the film…

So, what exactly is SPIDER-MAN – FAR FROM HOME? The movie revolves around a high school student named Peter Parker, who when diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called “Spider-Sense,” becomes super-sensitive to danger. The condition grants him the ability to see infrared and enable him to react to the danger in time. In order to control his unique abilities, he is forced to leave his beloved nerdy neighborhood called Electroropolis, where he lives with his aunt and uncle, Gwen Stacy and Flash Thompson (VAonda), where he plans to become a professional Spider-Man by attending the local college, Flashmore College. However, Spider-Man begins to feel a bit lost when Electro-Men begin breaking out across the city. When a blackout causes a power outage in the city, Spider-Man assumes that his Uncle Ben had intentionally shut down the city’s power grid to shut off Electro-Men.

One of the most exciting aspects of SPIDER-MAN – FAR FROM HOME is the interesting relationship between Tom Holland’s Holland and Tobey Maguire’s Parker. Both actors have distinguished themselves by playing young versions of their characters from the comics; both are incredibly talented, but beyond that, Holland has brought a certain amount of credibility to the role. Maguire has also impressed in his role as Spider-Man, bringing a certain unique comic-book Spider-Man style to the screen. Overall, this film was an absolute success, and I recommend it highly to anyone who’s a fan of the comic book’s character.

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