The Greatest Showman (Movie Review)

Winner of eleven Academy Awards including Best Picture, The Greatest Showman is a sweeping epic comedy directed by Steve McQueen. Focusing on the unlikely bonds between circus workers and their boss, the film charts the evolution of this unlikely partnership until it forms the greatest professional relationship in history. With an original score by John Williams and an all star cast led by Ben Kingsley and Joanna Garcia, The Greatest Showman is a definite must see film…

Growing up in the late 1800s, P.T. Barnum exhibits an uncanny natural talent for marketing and publicity, selling hundreds of lottery tickets while still in his teens. As he matures into an impressive adult, his entrepreneurial spirit invigorates Barnum & Bailey, launching them on their greatest adventure-a traveling circus that travels across the country in an effort to exhibit their brand of American show business. Featuring comical sequences, musical numbers and a series of outrageous stunts and gimmicks, The Greatest Showman is a unique film from start to finish. Featuring a strong cast led by standout actors such as Joanna Garcia, Ben Kingsley and Steve McQueen, The Greatest Showman is an amazing film that is certain to delight children and adults alike.

With colorful costumes, cleverly constructed sets and an incredible array of Hollywood talents, The Greatest Showman is a fun film that delves into the colorful world of show business. Combining colorful music with an energetic circus theme, the film is a fast paced comedy that is certain to entertain viewers young and old. With a number of well choreographed scenes and an original score by composer Jerry Goldsmith (The Deerhunter, TV’s Rugrats, etc), The Greatest Showman is sure to be a winner for kids and adults alike. If you like your circus spectacular and have never had the opportunity to see one live, then make this a must see film! The showman may not live forever, but he will definitely go down in history as the most famous clown in show business…

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