The New Mutants (Movie Review)

A high school science project becomes the theme for an original animated comedy about the latest generation of mutants born from a sheltered upbringing in New Mutants – The New Mutants. Five teenage mutants – Mirage, Wolfsbane, Cannonball, Sunspot, and Magneto – undergo unique therapies at a secretive medical facility which will cure them of their mutant powers for good. Once rescued by the X-Men, the new recruits find their Place on the team and quickly become a valuable part of the X-Men adventure. As the evil schemes of Magneto and the sinister experiments of Dr. Nemesis threaten the safety of Earth, the X-Men must rally to defeat their foes and safeguard the future of mutantkind.

The New Mutants is the most romantic film to come out of the X-Men series, with the adorable voice of Ellen DeGeneres leading the way. Sporting a number of classic scenes from the classic comics, the film boasts strong acting from lots of recognizable actors – Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Aniston, Ice-T, Christopher Walken, and many more. While not the greatest animated film of the year, the visual elements and the intense drama might make it a worthy sequel to the successful X-Men series.

Due to its commercial success, the film earned $ousing over the weekend and should easily find itself within the top ten on the next chart. In the meantime, we have got a number of other superhero movies worth checking out… Spiderman: Homecoming (Tom Hanks), Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (AVA), Ghost Rider (KrisELYrics), and Shrek (Mike Myers) to name a few. But, you know what the best film is – Spiderman 3! So go check out the latest masterpiece, it’s a rollicking good time!

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