Wonder Woman (Legendary comics character) Wonder Woman is perhaps the most well-known super hero in the world. She has been featured in all of the comic books released by DC Comics. She is an extraordinary and powerful warrior who uses her knowledge, strength, and magic to overcome her enemies. WONDER WOMAN on the other hand, is an ordinary girl who lives in Paradise Island. When her father dies, she has to train herself in martial arts, magic, and combat.

The modern version of Wonder Woman first appeared in the late 1940s comic book, Wonder Woman. Following the World War II, after the superheroes of the United States had declined to fight in the war, a war was instigated between the United States and the evil villain, Doctor Psycho. During this conflict, the hatred and fear that were felt throughout much of the world towards superheroes, led to the creation of a new super-villain, namely the evil Queen Hippolyta. With the help of her son Chlamys, she tries to destroy the world’s peace by using her magical powers, including turning half of the populace to mindless stone.

Wonder Woman’s origin story is based around her membership in the Amazon Women’s Peace Officers, an elite group of women soldiers who serve in defense of humans and nature against the evil Queen Hippolyta. Throughout her comic book history, Wonder Woman has had many different romantic relationships with various members of the superhero team, as well as many different friendships. Most recently, she has been involved in the blockbuster movie, Wonder Woman. Though the movie itself is highly acclaimed, the real-life representation of the character of Wonder Woman, Princess Diana, is certainly no small accomplishment, either.

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