Lost Mines Of Phandelver PDF

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Lost Mines Of Phandelver PDF is a supplement for the fantasy role-playing game. It is based upon the town of Phandalin, an ancient mining city that has been shut for ten years due to a massive explosion. The PCs who venture to the lost mines are greeted by an entire city of skeletal remains and vicious creatures. The PCs must kill everything in sight in order to survive the night and emerge victorious.

Lost Mines Of Phandelver PDF

The Lost Mines Of Phandelver PDF is the second part of a ten-part story line, written by Dan Carpenter. The first part, Anunturi, was released in May of last year and was immediately popular with fans of the original version of the game. This second installment is almost identical to the first, with the exception of a few minor things. This new story offers ten different levels to explore, as well as a handful of optional mini-games.

Lost Mines Of Phandelver looks to be very much like the original version, with the few additions that Carpenter made being mostly beneficial to the quality of the tale. There are still plenty of eerie monsters prowling about the dark streets of Phandelier, and hopefully more of these will translate into content for players. This story is just a bit different than what we’ve come to expect from a fantasy/adventure game, but the premise is still excellent. I give it five stars out of five, because it’s an enjoyable game to play, despite lacking some of the unique elements present in the first Lost Mines Of Phandelver.

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