Monster Manual 5e PDF

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About the Product: Monster Manual 5e PDF is a Player Handbook, Campaign Setting, and Dice Making resource designed to teach the basics of playing D&D game. A new D&D player should purchase this product, to get acquainted with the game system and how to play without the need of a certain expensive table. It’s a perfect tool to learn the game without the frustration of losing hundreds of dollars on buying a new DMG. With a Player Handbook, players will be introduced to the game’s rules, combat system, and basic math skills necessary to become an experienced player.

Monster Manual 5e PDF

About the Product Line: The fifth edition of D&D has been revolutionized by the addition of new material, new editions of iconic items, and the traditional core rulebook being made available in an easy to read format. The Monster Manual 5e PDF is the latest offering in a line of quality monster manuals that started with Monster Manual: A Comprehensive Guide to Monsterlance. The Monster Manual PDF is a significant update to this classic edition, using material from previous editions and adding fresh material not seen in any previous D&D products. By providing a deep insight into what is new for this edition, the Monster Manual PDF colorfully captures the essence of this spectacular board game.

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