Everything that you need to know about GTA 5

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Naturally, the game was hyped up even months before its release and after the release, it lived up to the expectations of both consumers and developers. The game was so well received worldwide that it became the talk of the town around the world just days after its release. For the developers, this golden sparrow has earned 6 billion dollars until today. The game is receiving updates until today.

The purpose is to keep the game compatible with the modern era and apparently, the developers have been successful in doing so as the popularity of the game seems to know no boundaries even today. The game is available across several platforms. You can play GTA 5 on Sony Playstation 3 and 4, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Xbox One and Xbox 360. In this way, the game is available for an enormous pool of consumers. The game comes with both, single-player and online mode.


Trevor, Santa and Franklin are the three main characters around whom the entire plot of the game is based. Consistent with the previous editions of Grand Theft Auto, the characters are outlaws who rely on crime to make a living. They indulge in robbery, stealing, murder and other forms of violent crimes. As the player completes all the missions, the characters end up living a wealthy life without trouble. The game can be played through a first or third-person perspective. This diversity of options accounts for the huge success of the game. The game has managed to attract an audience from diverse groups and communities.

The gameplay of any game is probably the most pivotal factor that determines its success or failure. The GTA franchise also owes its incredible success to its brilliant gameplay. The game offers so much to its players. The versatility of options helps the game to attract such an unbelievable audience that it becomes an international sensation. The players are not confined to completing missions only. There is a whole world of options. The characters can drive, swim, fly, date, dance and whatnot. They can buy properties, they can bet in a casino, they can go around malls shopping etc. This game is a complete life experience. It engages the player in many different ways. This realm of possibilities that is unleashed as soon as you enter the GTA 5 interface easily makes you a fan of the game.

The player can spend time roaming around in the game. The game gives a complete experience with vehicles enabling the player to buy and customize cars. In addition to driving cars, the player has the option to fly helicopters and planes. There is a large area of land comprising different locations and localities, landscapes, mountains, urban territory etc for the players to explore.

Since there is so much to experience in the GTA 5 world, the game attracts players of all different mindsets, aptitudes and likings. There is something for everyone in the game. That is why the game doesn’t have a small cult of followers but instead has a global following.


The story of the game is based on three central characters who perform heists. There is a disabled hacker named Lester who assists the characters in heists. Each heist is difficult than the previous one. The characters are also manifested in detail. Each character has some peculiar characteristics that define him. Michael has this ability to slow time. This ability is useful in fights and combats. Franklin can slow down while driving which enables him to decelerate and accelerate his car in a narrow time frame. This ability comes in handy when escaping from a scene. Trevor can amplify damage from his arms and reduce the damage taken. This ability gives him an edge over his opponent in an ambush. The fine details that are manifested in the description of the characters, gameplay and graphics set this game apart from its contemporaries.


The other factor in addition to the gameplay that determines a game’s popularity is its graphics. There are many examples of video games failing to attract a sizable audience despite interesting gameplays because of ordinary graphics. But guys at the Rockstar Games had it covered. The graphics of GTA 5 are second to none in quality. All the articles of life have been manifested in detail. The graphics are not overwhelming in any sense. The depictions are balanced and realistic.

Is GTA Free?

GTA 5 can be installed via a cracked version but then you won’t be able to play it online. It is appropriate to buy a CD if you are into online gaming. In case you wish to play the game on your Xbox or PS4, you will definitely have to buy the CD.


The mobile version of GTA 5 is now available for customers. The game can be played on androids and tablets now. This is a huge development for the GTA 5 gamers because now the game is playable using a portable device. In fact, this version comes with an offline mod as well. This means that now even an internet connection is not a requirement to have all the fun. You can now play your favourite game anywhere you like.

Online Gaming and Modification

GTA 5 gives gamers a chance to play the game online. The modified and made up to date regularly on the online forum. These modifications ensure the interest of the players remains captured and the game remains to be consistent with the requirements of the era. In online mode, the players can connect with other players and multiply the fun. You can hook up with your squad and play the game online to have the best time playing the game that you love. Playing solo, otherwise, has always been an option.

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